Week 2 Begins

I am happy to announce that I have officially made it through my first week of INSANITY!

In retrospect, it was not all that terrible and I may have enjoyed myself (even if the feeling was fleeting).  It was definitely a good thing that I was held accountable by my twitter followers and this blog as there were a couple times (namely Friday) that I had zero motivation to turn on my DVD and sweat my heart out.

If you’re unfamiliar with how INSANITY goes, it is 6 days working out with one day of rest.  Every two weeks it calls for the Fit Test to benchmark progress.  The whole program is two months with one week of recovery in between.

Today was my INSANITY rest day and boy did I enjoy it.  I still went for a morning run, travelling 5km in just over 25 minutes.  

This week, now that I’m more familiar with the moves, I’m going to give everything I have so that by the time next week rolls around I will hopefully see marked improvement when I take my Fit Test 2. 

As for measurements, I will be taking those every Wednesday.

I hope y’all enjoyed my blogging thus far and continue to read on as I continue my journey.