I’m an Insane Girlfriend

After my race on Saturday I was supposed to meet up with my boyfriend around 2 o’clock.  But, the bf had to work late and couldn’t make it until 4. Unfortunately, he didn’t let me know he was going to be late until after 2 o’clock passed.  Now here I had a decision to make… I could either be mad that he was late and didn’t keep me informed or I could decide to put that behind me and move on. I chose to do the latter option with a twist.

To my bf’s surprise, when he arrived at my house I was dressed head to toe in my workout gear and bouncing around getting prepped for a workout.  What did this mean for him? Well, I decided that instead of being upset that he was late, I would just make him do my INSANITY workout with me.  Surprisingly, he put up little rejection to the idea.  That’s the wonderful thing about having a fit and competitive boyfriend; you face him with a challenge and he will accept no matter how much he would rather not do it (remind me later to tell you of when he came to my advanced hot yoga class).  

Saturday’s workout called for Cardio Power & Resistance.  This was the perfect workout to throw at my bf as if he were to do Pure Cardio I’m sure all I would hear is that this is a workout for cardio bunnies.  Instead this workout had him doing push-ups (his favourite and my least favourite exercise), squats, jumps, planks, and all those wonderful strength building exercises.  By the time the warm-up finished he had a good sweat on and after circuit one he got the hang of how the workout is structured.  By the end we were both out of breath and yelling at one another to go faster or squat lower.

It was excellent working out with him there because it made me really concentrate on having perfect form as well as pushed me to go as hard as I could for the full duration of each activity. By the end I had my boyfriend onside with INSANITY and even agreeing to do more of the workouts with me in the future.  As of right now we have an INSANITY date set for next Saturday.  I’ll work him through the Plyometric workout next and maybe eventually down the line throw Pure Cardio at him, but as for now the INSANITY workouts with the most strength building are the ones he’ll enjoy the most.

All in all, it’s a good thing I have him as I’m not sure the majority of guys out there could deal with such an “insane” girlfriend


Day 6

Whew! I just finished Plyometric Cardio Circuit and let me tell you, my body is glistening in sweat!

I have great news and that is that I can already see improvements!  My squats are getting quicker and for the level 1 drill I could actually continuously do the moves (including push-ups WITHOUT my knees on the ground!!).  I was struggling once again with the “ski abs” and the “in and outs.”  By the time the last time doing those moves I knew that my form was failing so instead I held a plank for 60s.  Hopefully as the days progress I can get stronger in those moves!

Another bonus is that I am starting to enjoy the workouts.  I find Shaun T motivating and the moves are challenging so I definitely feel I am getting a workout in.  I find that the longer I stick with something, the more routine it becomes, and mentally the work becomes easier.  Let’s hope this trend continues.

Now I am headed to a 60 minute yoga practice.  This is one of the easier classes of the week so I really want to use this time to stretch out my hard worked muscles and unwind a little bit. 

Namaste y’all

Day 3: A Not So Recovering Recovery

Today was tough.  Not necessarily physically, but mentally.  I was not into this workout tonight nor did I ever get into it.

The first problem  came from the fact that after work I was so beat that I took a nap… until 9 o’clock at night.  Probably not my smartest move but I didn’t even think about setting an alarm when I went to bed because who naps for 5 hours?  All I know is that when I woke up, I was dehydrated, groggy, and hungry.  Not a good mix of feelings to bring with you into a workout.

The second problem came from the misconceptions I had about this Cardio Recovery workout.  Before going into a workout, I like to know what I’m facing.  Mentally it allows myself to prepare for what’s to come.  Well, today that backfired.  I read some reviews (more than 1) that said this recovery workout was primarily composed of basic yoga moves and only ran 33 minutes in length.  I’m not sure what workout they’re using but it certainly wasn’t the same one I did!  My workout ran over 50 minutes (including warm-up & cool down) and included a lot more than the basic yoga move; since when are pulsing squats incorporated in a yoga flow? My point exactly!

Overall, once I grasped the fact that the workout was going to be close to an hour and it would make me work a little, it went okay.  I always incorporate cardio into my workout warm-ups no matter if I’m doing weights or yoga, so it was a bit different not to start my workout with my heartbeat gurgling in my throat.  I did sweat a little but no where near the level I normally do, maybe 10% of the sweat the other INSANITY workouts brought on.  As for the recover part, I know understand why its specifically cardio recovery and not just recovery; your heartbeat may not get a break from the cardio zone but your muscles have no chance to recover.  I found a lot of power & resistance moves in this workout and in INANITY fashion, a large focus on your core.

I am glad that I did the workout (now that I’m on the other side of it) and honestly don’t think I would have completed it tonight if I didn’t have my twitter followers holding me accountable and this review to write.  

A big thank you to all who have taken the time to read this and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or thoughts!


Insanely yours, livefitandfree


I found out later that the workout I did was actually Max Recovery and not Cardio Recovery. See Correction: https://livefitandfree.wordpress.com/2013/05/05/correction/

Power and Resistance

Tonight I did day 2 of INSANITY and it called for Cardio Power & Resistance.  My bf said that he would do it with me but backed out and asked me to do it before he came over; apparently his manual labour job used up all his energy… excuses, excuses.  One of these days I’ll get him to be insane with me!

It was a good workout! Lots of legs, oh man! The warm-up caught me by surprise as the moves differed from day 1’s video.  This was something I was not expecting but I’m overall happy that the workout does get mixed up a little; keeps me on my toes and entertained.  I really enjoyed how the first time through each circuit, Shaun T took the time to explain proper form. This allowed me to get a handle on the moves and feel confident in my form.  It would have been nice to have someone there in person to critique my form but Shaun T’s reminders throughout the video sufficed.  I seem to forget about my core a lot so the constant “engage your core” cues come in very helpful and always at the right time.  

One thing I found that surprised me was the moving push-ups.  For some reason I was able to do this move continuously throughout the allotted time slots.  This surprised me as if I was asked to do regular push-ups I would struggle to pump out 10 consecutively.  

The place that I struggled with in this video was when the three tricep moves were performed back to back: tricep dips, tricep dips with a leg raised, and tricep ball push-ups.  I rocked it through the first couple but when that last tricep move came, the tricep ball push-ups, my arms were burning!  Let’s just say I may have taken child’s pose near the end.

After my workout, boy was I hungry! I had not two, not three, but four hundred grams of chicken breast!  I’m sticking to a clean eating plan thus far and I’m hoping to see results after the first week.  If you would like, you could follow my nutrition on myfitnesspal!  My username is livefitlivefree.  Don’t be afraid to toss me a friend request and critique any poor food choices.  Sometimes it’s handy sharing my food journal with the world as it keeps me accountable, even if it’s just to one or two strangers.

I was able to take before pictures but misplaced my measuring tape.  I will therefore post my stats tomorrow after I got get a new measuring tape.

That’s all for now but if there are any insanity users out there, let me know your thoughts on the workouts.  I would love to see where other people excel and struggle in their own journey!  Toss me a comment or an email (through the “contact me” tab at the top) and let’s connect!

Day 2

Today I woke up feeling good!  Slept like a baby last night which was awesome.  I’m not sure if that’s due to lowering my coffee intake or the fact that INSANITY wiped me out.  I don’t feel overly sore anywhere; I can feel a little bit in my thighs this morning but that could also be from yoga last night (we did a lot of chair pose).  

On the agenda for today is a run over my lunch break; I really liked how working out over lunch made me feel yesterday!  As for my INSANITY workout, my boyfriend wanted to see what it was all about so we will be doing day 2 for our date night tonight.  I love the fact that my boyfriend is just as much into fitness and nutrition as I am as it helps fit my workouts in! And I am sure I will be pushing extra hard during tonight’s session as I can’t let him beat me in reps!

Day 2 calls for Cardio Power & Resistance which runs about 40 minutes.  As well, since I forgot to yesterday, I am going to take my “before” measurements and update them to the blog tonight. I’ll let you know how it all goes later!