The Good, the Bad, and the Detox

I did do the 3 day detox over the weekend (find out more by reading my earlier blog post “Enough is Enough”) and boy was it a challenge.  I’ll do a brief recap so that anyone thinking about embarking on the cleanse will be prepared for what would be to come.

The Good

  • Caffeine free since Friday with no headaches since Saturday
  • No longer bloated 
  • No more strong cravings for white breads, baked goods, or sugars
  • Officially dairy & gluten free
  • Learned a couple new recipes

The Bad

  • Horrible migraine Friday and a small headache Saturday (probably from caffeine withdrawal)
  • Low energy; had a nap every day
  • Started getting really sick of vegetables by day 3
  • During day 3 felt weak and couldn’t go for a hard run

The Detox

What can I say, it did it’s job.  I am officially off caffeine/coffee, which I never thought I would ever be saying, and I am gaining energy with each day.  The cravings I have now are manageable.  It’s been 4 days without empty sugars, junk food, processed food, gluten, and dairy and I no longer want them if I see them.  My stomach is no longer bloated (it was in a bloated state for probably 3 week prior).  I’m hoping to see further results the longer I stay off gluten, dairy, and caffeine so I will be continuously monitoring as time goes on. I did lose 4.4 lbs during the detox, although that was not the point of the detox it was nice to see.



I’m blogging to try and distract myself from the heaviness I’m feeling in my head, especially behind my eyes.  Today is my first day of my detox and my first day in probably ten years that I didn’t wake up and immediately perk myself a cup (or two or three) of coffee.

My morning had a much different start today.

First things first, as per detox instructions, upon waking I had a large glass of filtered water with ginger and lemon added.  I then went for a walk with my mum that included a stop at Tim Horton’s.  Don’t worry, I didn’t order a coffee but I did enjoy a green tea (no milk or sugar added).

When I got home I made a green smoothie for breakfast.  I’ve claimed to make green smoothies for breakfast before but this one was the real deal; it tasted like grass and included celery, cucumber, parsley, kale, lemon, and an apple.

Thankfully, I am only working a half day today.  I did not have to pack my detox lunch but for a midmorning snack I brought celery, carrots, and cucumber to munch on… which were already gone by the time 10 o’clock hit.  Lunch calls for a “seaweed” salad so we will see what exactly that brings.  I successfully did all the grocery shopping for the entire cleanse last night so I do have all the supplies I need, I just have to figure out how to use them.

As for now I only have one more hour left of work.  Hopefully my coffee withdrawal doesn’t turn into a migraine.  I hear it gets easier with time and that by the third day I should feel like a new woman, one can only hope.  I have a feeling a nap is in my imminent future.