I Met Bambi

I went on my run today over my lunch break and quite literally ran into a deer.

Let me give you some background first. I work for a university and the campus is located along a “green belt” that includes numerous hiking trails and lots of hills! As I mentioned in my previous post, today I brought my running clothes to work to go for a run on my lunch break. I have never been a trail runner before but decided that giving the trails a try would be nicer than running through the university’s parking lots today. And let me tell you, I am a changed woman!

The trails were so dynamic that I forgot about my normal obsession with my pace and just let my mind focus on my surroundings and the run itself. Most of the time I was focusing on the ground though as I didn’t want to trip over a stump, root, fallen tree, rock, or animal hole. At one particularly rocking part in the path, my eyes were so focussed on the ground that I didn’t notice a deer was blocking the path. Before I knew what was happening, my path was consumed with fur. After literally bumping into the deer, I was so startled that I quickly backed away – I was more scared than the deer! The deer looked at me for a couple seconds then continued on his way. I was so shocked I stood still in the forest for a good three minutes just starring at the deer in awe! It’s a rare occasion to be this close to a deer and I tried to take it all in.

Now either the deer was not very smart and did not have good survival instincts or I did not seem like a very threatening being running at him. I’m going to assume the latter as I tend to look pretty beat and close to death when I run, especially running on a hilly terrain.

All in all, I think I want to run more during my lunch break. Those hills gave me a great workout and being outside instead of inside my office was a wonderful break! I ran 4 km averaging 6:00/km. Normally I run around 5:00/km on the roads; the trails really dropped my time. I’m looking forward to see how my times will improve by incorporating more trails, and therefore more hills, into my running schedule.