Day 6

Whew! I just finished Plyometric Cardio Circuit and let me tell you, my body is glistening in sweat!

I have great news and that is that I can already see improvements!  My squats are getting quicker and for the level 1 drill I could actually continuously do the moves (including push-ups WITHOUT my knees on the ground!!).  I was struggling once again with the “ski abs” and the “in and outs.”  By the time the last time doing those moves I knew that my form was failing so instead I held a plank for 60s.  Hopefully as the days progress I can get stronger in those moves!

Another bonus is that I am starting to enjoy the workouts.  I find Shaun T motivating and the moves are challenging so I definitely feel I am getting a workout in.  I find that the longer I stick with something, the more routine it becomes, and mentally the work becomes easier.  Let’s hope this trend continues.

Now I am headed to a 60 minute yoga practice.  This is one of the easier classes of the week so I really want to use this time to stretch out my hard worked muscles and unwind a little bit. 

Namaste y’all


Drip, drip, drip, drip

That’s the sound of my sweat hitting the keyboard as I type!  One thing is for sure: INSANITY’s plyometrics makes you sweat! 

Overall, it was a good HIIT workout.  Even the warm-up got my heart rate through the roof! It included jogging, jumping jacks, Heismans, 1-2-3 Heismans, butt kicks, high knees, and mummy kicks.  Each activity was 30s and the whole circuit was done 3 times lasting just about 10 minutes. 

After the warm-up, the bulk of the workout was two circuits done three times.  I made it through the first circuit  three times with relative ease but the second one kicked my butt!  Halfway through the second time doing the second circuit I caved and had to take an extra water break.  Then throughout the last time doing the second circuit my speed fell off.  My ski abs were pretty pathetic too; I was no longer jumping my feet up to my hands, instead they only jumped up a couple inches.  

All in all, I am so happy I did it! I find that doing a workout at lunch is something I may want to incorporate more as it has given me more energy now for this afternoon.  Normally after lunch I’m itching for a nap and can barely keep my eyes open but doing INSANITY really got my blood flowing. 

Since I am at work I cannot make a smoothie (lack of a blender), so I settled for a greek yogurt for post workout protein.  I also have two slices of chicken to have as my mid afternoon snack with some cut up veggies!  I am drinking water like a maniac… good thing the water cooler is right beside my desk.

That’s all for now!