The Ups & Downs of Running

Down, up, down, up, repeat, repeat, repeat.

Today was hill repeats and I performed them over my lunch break.  I upped the hills repeats to 4 this week (as opposed to 3 the previous week).  I started with a 500m flat warm up jog and then got to it.  Performing the repeats on a steep hill that lasts over 1 km in length, I used the bottom, steeper half of the hill adding on 100m flat surface at the bottom for my workout.  I ran down the hill and then back up halfway to run down again and then up halfway again, etc.  My repeats ended up being 500m on the hill and 100m flat for a total of 600m each way.  I travelled 5.5 km in total averaging a 5:54 pace.  The whole workout took just over 30 minutes.

It was a good workout but I was very lucky that today’s temperatures were unseasonably cold as if there was humidity I would have been in trouble.  By the last repeat I was in need of water so as I add on hill repeats and my workouts get longer I’ll have to arrange to bring water with me.  When I got back to the office I recovered using Vega Vanilla Performance Protein with a cup of oat milk. I use a SmartShake bottle to mix it and it works wonderfully (can be ordered from  

Now it’s time for me to actually eat my lunch and I’ll be having turkey with avocado on rice cakes.  I’m finding that going gluten and dairy free have helped my digestion 100% and everyday I’m finding new meals to put together.  The only problem is I now do not know if it is the dairy or gluten or both that have been giving me digestion issues and I’m too chicken to bring one back into my diet to find out; for now I’ll keep going being both gluten and dairy free.

I am still off of coffee, but have now started drinking green tea like a fiend.  I’m slowly trying to replace the green tea with decaf herbal tea but it’s taking some time.  As for my energy, I am feeling good.  I would say that most days I do not feel the need for a nap but there is still a day or two a week where when 3 o’clock hits I find myself at my desk daydreaming about taking a siesta.  Let’s hope today isn’t one of those days.

Tomorrow the plan is to hit up arms and back at lunch with my coworkers and then after work go for a 4k tempo run. Hope y’all are excelling at your fitness goals! More later.


Progression Run

I have started a new running program in hopes to increase my 10 km time.  I have embarked on a 6 week program that has me running speed repeats, hills, tempos, and now progression runs.  Before I started this program, my running schedule consisted of your basic runs – allotted distances with the occasional tempo and weekly long, slow distance.

Today my plan called for a 6 km “progression” run that wanted me to start slow and increase my speed by 20 s/km every 1.5 km so that by the last 1.5 km I was running at my 5 km race pace.  I figured that since this was my first attempt at a progression I would start at a 6:00 min/km then drop 20 seconds off that every 1.5 km so by the end I would be running around a 5:00 min/km.  This is slightly slower than my optimal 5 km race pace but I thought it best to ensure I still had some gas in the tank by the end.  Also, I was running on my lunch break at high noon so the sun was shining bright (I’m not complaining though!).

Since this was my first time doing a run like this, it had me constantly checking my Garmin to ensure I was on pace.  The first km naturally felt very slow but I was able to maintain the 6:00 min/km pace without too much trouble.  My issue occurred when I was supposed to be running at a 5:40 min/km pace.  For some reason everytime I checked my Garmin I would be going too fast.  Then I would adjust my speed but end up going too slow.  This flip flopping endured for the duration of that 1.5 km section. The 5:20 min/km went by without much issue.  A couple times I caught myself speeding up but held myself on pace for the majority of that section.  By the time the last km came I was running around a 4:45 min/km and for the last 500m I ran as fast as I could mimicking a sprint and ended up getting my pace to a 3:30 min/km (although any longer and I could not keep that up).

All in all, I was so happy to be back to running outside on my lunch that the run went by relatively quickly.  I enjoyed switching up the paces and think that if I keep this up it will definitely help me achieve negative splits come race day.

I’ll let you know how INSANITY goes later.  I am planning on doing that after work later tonight around 7.

Back At It

If you’ve been reading my blog for the past week, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve altered the INSANITY schedule a little bit throwing in an extra rest day before my race and not working out on Mother’s Day.  I want to let you know that all stops today. I am 100% back at INSANITY and going to keep up with the schedule, giving INSANITY all that I have!

Today calls for the Fit Test, which I will be doing after work around 5 o’clock.  I am also going to throw in Cardio Abs afterwards since that is part of the workout that I missed on Mother’s Day.

Today is also a special day as it is the start of my new running plan.  I will be posting more on this later but today’s running workout calls for 5 x 1000m repeats with a 4 minute break between them.  It’s a good thing this is my first round of repeats as I don’t have anything to compare it to.  It will be following on the tail of my INSANITY workout and I may be a little tired to begin with, but hopefully that means that by the next speed workout I’ll see faster results.