Rise & Be Insane

Good morning!

Today I am feeling ready to take on the world.  I woke up early this morning, around 5, in order to fit in my INSANITY workout before going to work.  Normally I set my alarm early with the idea of a morning workout, but if that alarm goes off anytime before 6:30 I tend to snooze through it.  That was not the case today!  I was up bright and early!  I find that as the sun rises earlier, the weather gets warmer, and the birds chirp louder, getting out of bed earlier gets easier.

Today called for Cardio Power & Resistance.  It was good that it followed a rest day as I could feel that my muscles had a chance to recover.  This morning I really focussed on dropping my squats down low and perfecting my form.  I felt those extra couple inches, especially on the power jumps!  And maybe I’m seeing things, but I think my behind looks a little perkier today.

Overall, I will definitely do morning INSANITY workouts again.  Because the warmup is long and intense, the first round gives you a time to wakeup and get focussed on working out.  By the time stretching finished, I felt like I had been awake for awhile; I definitely was no longer groggy.

Since I feel like superwoman, I brought my running clothes to go for a lunch run in the trails behind my work.  I’m really enjoying the balance that INSANITY and running are bringing to my fitness regime.  Maybe if I’m super amped, I will hit up a yoga class tonight.

Yours in fitness.