Sweat Baby Sweat

Last night my boyfriend and I met up to do my INSANITY workout.  I could tell after I got home from work that my motivation was waning and I needed to figure out something that would get me doing my INSANITY workout and get me doing it with high intensity.

Naturally I turned to my girlfriend skills and used my boyfriend’s competitive and fit nature to my advantage when I challenged him to try doing Pure Cardio with me.  He quickly agreed to trying it with me and just like that I had locked myself into doing my workout (plus it made for an extra date night this week).

We met up just before 9 o’clock at a local park, laptop charged and ready, to do the workout.  We found a well lit area suitable for our needs and started it up.  It was a wonderful night, just around twenty degrees Celsius, with a light breeze; a much better atmosphere than my dark and damp basement.  As well, doing the workout outside allowed for ample space to do the moves (long stretches to do suicides on, no ceiling to hit our heads when we jump, etc.).

I am not sure if it was the result of having an afternoon nap, running earlier that day, or just having a later workout time than usual, but I could tell that my speed was not as fast as it could have been.  This could just be me being overly-critical of myself, an issue I struggle with a lot, but it is worth noting.  Another anomaly of this workout was my water intake.  Normally I only drink ~500mL throughout my INSANITY workout (even when I did Pure Cardio), but this time I ended up finishing just about 900mL (also an interesting note as there’s only 3-4 official water breaks in the workout)!

All in all, I am very glad that I did the workout and happy that I could share the time with my boyfriend.  He’s really enjoyed INSANITY so far (he’s only done two workouts) and stated that he would much rather do an INSANITY workout than go for a run with me (something I have pressured him into doing at least a couple times a month).  I’m happy with that trade off as normally for my runs I do not need extra motivation but I have found that turning on the INSANITY DVD helps if I have added incentive.

Yours in fitness.


I’ve Found Where Insanity Gets Its Name From…

Oh. My. Goodness.

This morning’s workout called for Pure Cardio. Now if you’ve been reading along with my journey you would remember that I skipped the first Pure Cardio workout and substituted in a long run. So, this morning was my first time attempting this workout.

I now know the true meaning of an INSANITY workout. This workout is CRAZY! It’s not necessarily the moves that make it more difficult (although the jump from level 1, an activity that combines 4 push-ups with floor sprints, to level 2, same as level 1 but with 8 push-ups, was a lot harder), but the intensity and lack of breaks. Yeah, you heard me. Shaun T, once the warm-up is finished, gives NO time for a water break. It is constant HIIT moves for 22 or so minutes!

This workout had me sweating, panting, cursing, grunting, and occasionally screaming. I am happy to report that I made it through and only took two brief pauses in working out (for 20 or so seconds each). I will admit that when Shaun T called for the level 2 moves, I stuck with level 1. But hey, everyone has their weaknesses and one of mine happens to be push-ups.

I performed this workout in the morning before work. Once again I had no time waking up and the warm-up got rid of any groggy feelings. I did do this workout before I had breakfast, which means I was in a fasted state. I think it’s best to do these workouts on an empty stomach otherwise I’m sure I would have made a mess on the floor, if you know what I mean.

Overall, I’m happy that I’ve found the workouts to be intense. That’s what it’s all about right, train insane or remain the same. And as for results, I weighed-in and took my new measurements this morning! Check out my progress (yes, after only 1 week I have a change in my stats!!) on the “measurements” tab at the top of the page.If ya’ll have any questions, feel free to comment or email me through the “contact me” tab located alongside “measurements” at the top. That’s all for now!